Mommies All Over The World Are Successfully Running Their Own Businesses From Home, AND YOU CAN TOO, All Thanks To The New Digital Economy!

They are proof that you CAN be a mom, homemaker, businesswoman and Changemaker all at once - we call it MOMPRENEURSHIP!


It's moms like you who are going to be the Changemakers of the New Economy!

Come and join us to learn how you can:

  • be the next economy mover,
  • have a strong business foundation,
  • buy & sell online and
  • brand yourself or your business to market online

even if you've never been in business before!


Yes, that's right! You don't need to have been in business before.

All our moms started out as newbies and now they shine as Changemakers of the New Economy.


It's for you if:

  • You are a stay-at-home mom wanting to create something of your own but doesn't know how
  • You want to be financially independent
  • You want to supplement your household income to cover the expenses
  • You don't want to go back to the 9-to-5 but you want to pursue a worthwhile career


With the increasing digitalisation, there's never been an EASIER time to set up in business.

Start your business today and get control of your income and finances. You know you've always wanted to. Now you have the support and the community to help you get started!

All you need is:

  • the know-how,
  • a little exposure and
  • the right mentorship 

Our community ticks all those boxes. And now we are here with our exclusive and highly informative Virtual Mompreneurship 4.0 Workshop.

Clear your calendar on 25 September 2021!


Why this Virtual Mompreneurship 4.0 Workshop simply can't be missed!

This workshop has the perfect opportunity for you to improve your business and make it work. We're offering a community Mompreneur Space where we'll give weekly videos, blog posts, podcasts with in-person interviews - all from moms who are already making their way through this world as entrepreneurs!

This is your chance so seize it!

Here's what our past attendees say about Mompreneurship 4.0 Workshop

  • Changemakers

    “It's a great initiative by Kenneth to create such a platform for mumprenuers who definitely need much support and comaraderie from their peers. ”

    Attendee from March 2019 Workshop

  • Changemakers

    “It’s authentic sharing and it’s encouraging to see mothers putting on so many hats and they thrive at the same time.”

    Attendee from March 2019 Workshop

  • Changemakers

    “This workshop is well organised. This is the first mompreneurship workshop I ever attend. I am really touched and shared the same sentiment of each sharing by the mom-entrepreneur. I hope to share the takeaways with my partners from Bossmom Asia and look forward to collaborate with Kenneth for future event for mompreneurs.”

    Attendee from Sept 2019 Workshop

  • Changemakers

    “Great workshop to help moms becoming mompreneurs - sometimes it’s a lonely journey but having workshops like these help us all to connect with one another.”

    Panel Speaker, Founder of SG Supernanny

Meet our speakers

We've lined up some of the truly best speakers out there!

(click on their image to read their bio)

Michelle Tay

Entrepreneur | Co-founder of @LoveBondsSg

Michelle will speak about:

How to build a profitable online business by leveraging your skill set and passion


Ange Dove

The Work From Anywhere Mentor | Business Owner 20 Years | Author | Podcaster | Coach

Ange will speak about:

How to build a business and gain the freedom to work from anywhere

Sheryn Chin

Founder of Kait Lifestyle Store | Shopee Xperts & Shopee Certified Trainer

Sheryn will speak about:

How to succeed in the saturated e-commerce space

CJ Lim

Co-Founder of Powerpreneur | Managing Director of Ace Edupreneurs Sdn Bhd

CJ will speak about:

Why being an entrepreneur mom can benefit your children


Christel Goh

Founder of Grow Public Relations

Christel will speak about:

How your startup can land a top tier media opportunity


Kenneth Choo

Author of Mother Industrialist | Podcast host of Mompreneur Space Pod | Founder of Mompreneur Space | Entrepreneur

Kenneth will speak about:

How to Build Your Mom Business Plan


VMW Speaker Card_Ange Dove

Ange Dove

The Work From Anywhere Mentor | Business Owner 20 Years | Author | Podcaster | Coach

Ange Dove helps working professionals leave the 9 to 5 and run their own business around their lifestyle, charge their worth and manage it all with easy tech so they can work from anywhere.

Ange is an author, professional copywriter and founder of Singapore first and longest-standing copywriting agency Proof Perfect. From the UK, Ange moved to Singapore nearly 30 years ago to teach English for 18 months and never left. Today her agency provides content writing services to MNCs, SMEs and government agencies for the purpose of improving their presence online and contributing thought leadership and trust pieces to their target audiences.

Having served business owners for nearly 30 years, Ange started to recognise common branding and marketing problems that they were all facing and is now dedicated to helping business owners to take control of marketing their business through her online training portal MarketSMART Learning Hub and her proprietary 3-step system Get Ready, Set Seen, Get Business.

Michelle Tay

Entrepreneur | Co-founder of @LoveBondsSg

Michelle is a creative director, wedding photographer and an entrepreneur who loves all things beautiful.

With more than a decade of design experience, she co-found Love Bonds, and is responsible for the branding and marketing aspects of the business. Together with her partner, their vision is to empower parents to nurture changemakers through the specially created conversation guides that accompany each book and magazine. They want to encourage parents to have meaningful conversations with their children so that they can strengthen bonds in the family. She also co-facilitates calligraphy workshops for parents, schools and organisations, helping thousands of participants pick up this life-long skillset so that they can write beautiful personalised notes, letters and cards to their loved ones because written words of affirmation can positively impact someone’s lives.

As a mum to 2 girls (ages 5 and 3 years old) who spends much of her time doing art and craft with them, she hopes to raise them to be creative. Her passion for art started when she was young. Armed with her training in Visual Communication Design at Lasalle College of the Arts, she marries her understanding of design to existing works of art that truly touch the heart.

VMW Speaker Card_Michelle Tay
VMW Speaker Card_Sheryn Chin

Sheryn Chin

Founder of Kait Lifestyle Store | Shopee Xperts & Shopee Certified Trainer

Sheryn has 10 years of experience in Brand Management & Marketing in the retail industry, in addition to her 6 years of experience in E-commerce. She is the Founder of Kait Lifestyle Store, a baby food specialty store, retailing more than 100 brands and 2000 products. Also importer and distributor of multiple baby food brands. Kait Lifestyle Store expanded from online to offline, she understand the importance and balance of O2O commerce. She is the Founder of Omnify Brand, an E-commerce agency which does E-commerce consultancy and assist Brand owners to setup & manage their E-commerce stores. She is also a Shopee Xperts, Shopee Certified Trainer. On top of all the above, she is also a single mother to a 7 year old daughter, Kait.

Christel Goh

Founder of Grow Public Relations

Christel Goh is the founder of Grow Public Relations. Christel brings a decade of agency and in-house communications experience to her clients. She leads a team to raise the reputations of venture-backed start-ups and SMEs through media publicity and awareness among key opinion leaders.

Mompreneur Speaker Card_Christel Goh
Mompreneur Speaker Card_CJ Lim


Co-Founder of Powerpreneur | Managing Director of Ace Edupreneurs Sdn Bhd

Certified Financial Literacy Trainer , OTP Fáy András Foundation, Budapest

Speaker at Education Summit 2020

Speaker at Global Entrepreneurship Week Malaysia 2020

Certified NLP Practitioner, American Board of Neurolinguistic-Programming (ABNLP)

Managing Director of Ace Edupreneurs Sdn Bhd

CJ is very passionate about educating the young to discover their success paths. Throughout his 11 years of experience in the education industry, engaging with over thousands of students, one of his discoveries is that there is an important subject that schools do not teach – Financial Education.

With this discovery, he co-founded the Powerpreneur Program and for the past 9 years, he has been on a journey of empowering the young with relevant entrepreneurial skills and financial knowledge with the hope that as they grow up, these skills and knowledge will serve them and their families well.

He wishes to create over 1,000,000 young future leaders around the world through the Powerpreneur Program.

Kenneth Choo

Author of Mother Industrialist | Podcast host of Mompreneur Space Pod | Founder of Mompreneur Space | Entrepreneur

Kenneth Choo is the author of Mother Industrialist - Perfecting the Balance between Motherhood and Business Success. He has been working with mompreneurs for 14 years in areas such as advertising, media, sales & marketing; he's also an entrepreneur himself.

He hosts and speaks on Mompreneur Space Live Show: a podcast about entrepreneurship just for moms! Kenneth believes that Women are Changemakers of the New Economy because they're towering strengths at home and work--and needs more support to become greater changemakers themselves (using their skills).

His vision is to empower every woman in the world with the skills, mindset, knowledge, resources and community to thrive, profit and sustain herself and her family--and build a greater world with love, compassion & empathy.

VMW Speaker Card_Kenneth Choo


If you see yourself in this list, this workshop is DEFINITELY meant for you:


  • Mom with baby or school-going kids who wants to pursue her passion and monetise from it
  • Mom who wants to build a legacy for her children
  • Mom who wants to balance business and motherhood
  • Working mom/Single mom struggling to balance the demands of her day job and parenting her children


  • Mompreneur running a home-based start-up
  • Mompreneur in the growth stage
  • Mompreneur working and running a business with a team and infrastructure


  • You are looking to start a business or to take your business to the next level

Hi, I’m your host,

Lai Ann

I am an Engineer-turned-Entrepreneur, Content Creator & Lifestyle Enthusiast.

_K3I3055 - Lai Ann BE

After 6 years of stiff learning curve in the male-dominated arena, i.e. oil & gas industry (as what you'd seen in the Hollywood movie Deepwater Horizon), I realised the traditional life model of uni-job-mortgage-children-hopefully retirement will not let her live to full potential. There must be another way.

After years of traveling, learning and exploration, it provided the impetus to step out of her comfort zone, so she took a leap of faith and explored the unknown. Now, I am working with an awesome team of people to define the garments industry just like how Apple watch redefines the watch industry! They have a new generation of high-quality compression garment. Specially created using a patented technology from Japan for more than 25 years - it’s a stylish and comfortable way to help people achieve healthy body!

My purpose is to create an environment where the health and wellness of everyone is taken care of, and just as they build our people to discover a sustainable route to success for themselves, they also inspire people to LIVE a kick-ass life by making life better in a lasting way for those around them.

Join me at our Virtual Mompreneurship 4.0 Workshop now!

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