CVS Speaker Gena Ng

Gena Ng

Chief Education Advisor of MindChamps, Single Mum that had the heavy responsibility of raising her 3 boys all by herself after her husband passed away in 2008.

A single mum of three children, Gena had the heavy responsibility of raising her children all by herself after her husband passed away in 2008. Her mission in life is to add value to other people’s lives, hence her belief in the MindChamps platform. As an accredited Education Success Coach & an Chief Education Advisor with MindChamps, she finds the franchise to be aligned with her purpose in life: to serve, to lead, and to make a difference one by one to every human being she meets. 

Gena is convinced that MindChamps can inspire children to be the best that they can be, as the methodology helps children to study effectively and yet have fun in the process. This approach perfectly manifests Gena’s Mummypreneur spirit, her ability to balance and harmonise the demands of Motherhood and the call of being an entrepreneur. Her advice to all aspiring mompreneurs is to BELIEVE with a firm intention and commitment. Finally, have FAITH that success can be achieved!

Topic: The Power of Positive Mindset and Gratitude Can Shift Mountains

Having a positive mindset is crucial during challenging times. How would you feel if you lost your spouse and were left with three children to bring up alone? Imagine the stress of having to cope with the grief and strong emotions day in and day out. And on top of that, suddenly becoming the sole bread winner. 

Gena recounts her journey after she lost her husband and how she coped with holding down a full-time job while running two businesses and, through this journey, finally found her Purpose & Calling to empower, inspire and coach people and add value to their lives.

In the midst of juggling family and work, she also found time to serve in Church and carry out charity work. The more she served, the more she felt blessed. Gena shares how having a gratitude mindset and being thankful for all things, big or small, helped her to manifest abundance out of adversity.