CVS Speaker Ange Dove

Ange Dove

Your Business Fairy Godmother, Author, Professional Copywriter and founder of Singapore first and longest-standing copywriting agency Proof Perfect.

Ange is an author, professional copywriter and founder of Singapore first and longest-

standing copywriting agency Proof Perfect. From the UK, Ange moved to Singapore nearly 30 years ago to teach English for 18 months and never left. Today her agency provides content writing services to MNCs, SMEs and government agencies for the purpose of improving their presence online and contributing thought leadership and trust pieces to their target audiences.

Having served business owners for nearly 30 years, Ange started to recognise common

branding and marketing problems that they were all facing and is now dedicated to helping business owners to take control of marketing their business through her online training portal MarketSMART Learning Hub and her proprietary 3-step system Get Ready, Set Seen, Get Business.

Topic: “How to Get Ready, Get Seen, Get Business in a Crowded Marketplace”

With the technology available today, it has never been easier to set up a business. But that also means you are competing against similar businesses, all with the same tools and opportunities. How to stand out from the crowd? How to craft your brand and key message to market, how to attract those who will naturally buy from you and how to create an irresistible offer your buyers can’t refuse.

Ange will be talking about the importance of balancing all three of the key elements Get

Ready, Get Seen, Get Business to create a purposeful, profitable business doing what you absolutely love, simply by sharing what you know.