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Topic: “Turn your Stories into Money—Monetize through Podcasting”

Ever wanted to start a podcast but thought it was just too complicated? At the end of this session, you will know all you need to know to launch your own podcast show in just 40 minutes and start impacting the world! Discover how a podcast can help build your personal brand and how you can actually monetise through your podcast stories. 

About Lily Wong

Lily Wong is originally from Taiwan, but she left Taiwan 12 years ago to start a journey that includes growing relationships, self-discovery, entrepreneurship and lots of adventures. Her biggest passion is to help people step out of their comfort zone and start checking off that bucket list. During the past five years, she’s been working and living in forty different countries as a digital nomad and residing in Spain building her career as a podcasting coach.

Before she started her podcasting career, she has been a corporate trainer for Accenture and Electronic Arts for many years. However, she realized the corporate lifestyle wasn’t for her. She made a decision to leave everything behind and began storytelling throughout her journey. She’s now a podcaster of Fly with Lily podcasts and her podcasts have been downloaded and listened to more than forty-million times. She’s also a travel podcast coach and has been helping people build their online brands through telling stories of their own. She’s podcasted about language learning and her travel stories, as well as inspiration to getting started living your dream life, and motivation to keep you going.

Now, she’s ready to start educating people about the power of podcasting and help other entrepreneurs to grow their businesses through podcasting. You might be wondering, why not a YouTube channel or other medium? So far, there are 500 millions blogs, 37 millions YouTube channels, but only 1 million podcasts around! The podcast audience is growing rapidly and there are many ways to monetize through podcasting. As people are listening longer, you have more influence on your audience and become their friends. It’s more likely your audience would purchase from a friend’s recommendation. If you agree with this and want to know about how to tell your stories and set up authority in your niche.

Join us on November 8th for Lily Wong’s talk on “Turn your Stories into Money: Monetizing through Podcasting”!!