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Topic: "How I transform tragedy into triumph & turn my greatest weakness into the most valuable asset?"

Dear BAD LUCK, let’s break up.

  • Are you facing the same challenges over and over again? Do you keep ending up with the “wrong” people (relationships, bosses, business partners, clients), or find it exceptionally hard to level up in your career/investment goals?
  • Have you ever felt like you’re on a streak of “bad luck”? Or that the universe is conspiring against you?
  • Does life really give us what we need most practice in?
  • Is it possible to hack through these character-building seasons, shame the tragic events that intended to break us, and spin it into the greatest success story ever told, a story that is uniquely yours?

In this intimate session, learn the secrets of Hannah’s failures over the last two decades, from battling the lack of self-esteem and depression to failed business partnerships, debt, wrong investment decisions and a host of health issues.

About Hannah Tan

High-school dropout who never gave up, Hannah is a KelabitChinese who became the first Malaysian to sign a multi-million-dollar recording deal in Japan in spite of her ongoing battle with chronic pharyngitis (inflammation of the pharynx). After almost losing her voice completely, doctors discovered a tumour on a nerve in her brain. That same year, she was diagnosed with a second recurrence of a cancerous cyst in her ovary, which led to a major open surgery. All this before she had even left her 20s. 

Survivor of multiple health challenges, this enterprising Computer Science & IT Valedictorian, 4.0GPA Merit Scholar and former state sprinter juggles entrepreneurship with several creative passion projects. 

Hannah’s inspiring #TrueStory since running away from home at the age of 16 can be found at You may have seen her on the silver screen, in TV commercials, Animax, FOX Sports, TV3, NTV7 and 8TV, but in this upcoming virtual summit, we’ll get up-close-and-personal with another fascinating side of Hannah Tan—the introvert who’s cried behind closed doors and fought battles many may know nothing about.